Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Long weekend projects

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. My hubby worked for all of it so I decided to rent a bunch of movies and get some projects accomplished or at least started. The weather around here wasn't the greatest so I didn't feel to guilty about staying in for most of it.

So I finally made a Bear (dog) album for myself. I found an album months ago at a dollar store in Devon with my friend Peggy, and thought it would be perfect for mixed pages of Bear at his best. Check it out.
a few pages in the album.

I love looking back on the pictures when he was just a little puppy, how his colour has changed so much.
He's such a big part of the family. Like a little brother with fur. 

I was also able to start a K&Company Smash it book of a little weekend holiday Chris and I took for his 30th birthday this year. 

It's hard to get pictures together when your the only two around, so this worked out perfectly. Plus no dealing with eye's closed or red eye, messy hair, or poor posture.  Plus I think it makes us look taller. :)

I'm currently still working on this one, but it's coming along and I'm really enjoying putting the pages together. 

And last but not least I was able to finish the swap cards for the month of June. 
It's actually the first time I've used this particular stamp set and I love how it turned out. 
I added the glitter paper just as a border to make the whole card come together and add an enchanted feeling of Love and glam. 
So in this making of the swap card I used a number of different techniques: Embossing- I stamped the flower centres of the big flowers with versa mark ink, sprinkled white embossing powder on top and heat embossed so they would show against the darker flowers. 
For the pattern to make up the background I used the Versa mark ink pad with the stamp to make a water mark affect. 
Stamping outside the lines- I stamped the leaves on a piece of whisper white card stock as well as three flowers then put them out and used foam adhesive to make them pop off the card. 

I almost forgot from my last post I promised to show you the pic of the May card that my friend Peggy made for the swap, 
She did a beautiful job on the layout and the colours. Love it. I especially love how evenly she got the designer paper. 

So I have a parcel of great new scrap booking products I ordered a few weeks ago for a project I want to try and get started for Father's day. So a soon as that arrive I will post some pictures. I'm really excited about a few of the items. 
I also ordered two chipboard mini albums that I'm going to use to make a book of memories of our beloved Cat Georgie who has recently been diagnosed with Cancer and were not sure how long he's going to live.  
He;s going well right now, being just who he is. Mousing lots and still living life, so as long as Georgie is happy were all Happy. I'm going to put together the two albums for my brother's. 

On a Happy note, My brother and his girlfriend just got engaged. And a great friend of ours did their engagement photos which turned out so great. 

                                                       Congratulation Riley and Sasha
Love it. 

Till next time, keep scrappin. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

ATC's to last the whole year plus more

Hey Everyone,
So the other day I noticed that my ATC (Artist trading cards) stash was depleting so I grabbed my ATC box, which is packed full of bits of papers, establishment's and everything I would need to make ATC's. Sat it next to the couch, and whenever I had time to watch some TV I made some ATC's. I think I might have gotten a little carried away, because I have enough ATC's for the whole year plus some more. Here's some pictures of some of the one's I made, and if you want to see more check out the ATC page.

I also finished my Bridal shower album, haha yea it's the one I started at the beginning of this year, but it's finally done. 
Here's some pictures on the album and pages inside, also a few showing you the great emblishment's I found to use making the album. 

Tea Charms

First page of the album, showing the Invitations Mom and I made. 

This strawberry emblishment was made of leather. 

Lady bug brads with googly eyes.

Some of the paper I used was just so pretty on it's own. 

It always turns out to be a little bigger then anticipated  and I ended up having to use Binder rings instead of the post bounds the album was made for. 

Tea Charms for the out-side of the album, I attached them to the binder rings and used some ribbon pieces to add some flare. 

So I hope everyone had a good Mother's day, with your Mom or spent the day doing something you loved. 
We went to the Zoo on Saturday and saw some amazing animals, my two favourite exhibits were the Penguins and the Butterfly gardens. 

So for May's swap cards, I've received a few in the mail now that I thought I would show you. I love everyone's ideas and designs, and everyone of them are so different. 

 I love the quilted look.

Perfect rustic guy card. 

And I love the layer's and colours in this one. 
 I believe there's at least two more to arrive, I love getting things in the mail other then bills. 
As for the long weekend, it's alright with me that it's going to rain for most of it. I've got some cards to make for June's swap and maybe get started on another album. Sun would have been better to get some things outside accomplished but I guess since the hubby's working all weekend, I might as well get crafty. 
Anyway's we have a visitor's coming over so I better get on with things. More projects on the go and things to accomplish. Till next time. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Birthdays, Swaps and Bleach adventures....

Hi Everyone, hope your all having a good weekend, it's terribly depressing here with a new heavy blanket of snow making it look like December all over again. But what better excuse to stay in-doors, keep warm and make cards.
A few weekends ago it was a friend of our family's Birthday and then my husband's 30th Birthday, so I made two cards for that. The first one is with a squirrel because it's an on-going joke of how much he hates Squirrels, so every chance I get I use my nature stickers or stamps and add a squirrel into the mix. The second card was for my husband. He has a love for fish and their mysterious colours, shapes and behavioural instincts. He mostly loves anything on the National Geographic channel. I did the front of the card when I was last experimenting with the embossing paste and stencils and have been saving it for this very occasion. Turns out the card front was a little bigger then anticipated so by the time I was finished the card ended up being 7X7 inches. Defiantly didn't make an envelope.
I also heavily decorated the inside of the card, because it's his biggest pet-peeve with cards that theirs nothing exciting to look at on the inside. I have a great range of ocean stickers that worked perfectly with this card. See pictures below.
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The next bunch of cards are a little peek of what was created in the Mother's day, and Father's day swap. I'll tell you I'm glad that one's done. It was a whole lot of work for just three participants not including myself. And honestly I'm not sure it was worth it. So here are some of the cards that were created.

                                                         Card created by Me                                                                                                                                  
                                                  Butterfly Card created by Teena Steel

                                                              Cat card created by Me
Father's day card created by Angela Krause
                                                              Created by Me
Created by Angela Krause
If you interested in seeing more cards from this swap, email me at                                                            

So also in the title of this little blog entry is Bleach, I know your probably think what the heck is she talking about, but honestly I felt like I was sniffing it yesterday. One of those creative ideas I thought I would try out after watching a really cool video.
Video link:
(sorry about the advertisement at the beginning of the video it wasn't there the other day)
So anyway's after watching this video I thought it would be something cool to try. I totally recommend doing this outside on a nice day or in a well ventilated area, which I had neither of at the time. After painting the inside of the leaves with the paint brush and then heating it with the heat gun from the back side to get the bleach effect, I tried doing 7 cards for a swap and by that time I'm sure I was pretty high on bleach fumes and was starting to get a headache. Not one of my greatest ideas. 
It's a really cool technique and I'd like to try it out with different types of card stock and papers but another day, preferably outside on a summer day.
                                                              Finished product

If I get some more free time today, there's another technique I'd like to try but we will save that for another blog entry. 
So I managed to get myself signed up for another swap happening from April -September it's an all Canadian swap with 6 cards going out each month, I should have read the details more carefully because I thought it was one card each month for six months, this will be the last swap of the year I participate in. Thank goodness for the help of my very best friend Peggy, we will each be doing a few months. I'm so glad and thankful for her help in this, I was a little frustrated and stressed out about the whole thing. Just with life and my health it's sometime hard to get the little things accomplished. Especially when it has to be all current and only Stampin up products. 
But I have a goal that in between this swap and for the rest of the year, cards will be put on hold. It's time to get back into strictly Scrapbooking. 
I think what I like most about making cards is that there's a start and a finish to them in a short period of time. Making scrapbooks is very time consuming and it takes a while to complete a project. But I have a lot of Scrapbooking projects that I really need to finish so I can start new one's. 
I found a great quote online the other day, I'm not sure who it's by but thought this is the perfect moment to share it. 
"Scrapbooks bind together Memories to warm our Hearts and Remind us that Life has been Good."

Till next time.
Keep warm and Scrap Happy!