ATC: Artist Trading Cards

ATC's are a new thing for me. I just joined a on-line group just strictly for Canadian Stampers. You can ask questions, join in discussions, post ideas and cards you've made, participate in card swaps, daily and monthly challenges, send cards to anyone and everyone who is in the group and participate in the Artist Trading card swaps. When I first signed on I had to google to see what ATC even stood for. (A-Artist T-Trading C-Card) Then I found out a few rules when it comes to creating an ATC's

  • They must measure 2.5” x 3.5” (64 x 89mm)
  • ATCs mustn’t be sold, only exchanged. ACEOs (Artist cards, editions and originals), are a variation of artist trading cards, and are sold on sites such as Etsy.
  • The artist should include their name on the back of the card, along with contact information if they wish or a website address. The title of the card and a number if the card is part of an edition can also be included

 This is even better then cards because there smaller. Now I'm just saying that now. I haven't actually created any this size yet. I could be cursing it later. :)

But what a great way to get ideas from other people and share your own ideas and creativity. 
I defiantly will be trying these out. 

okay finally I've created some ACT's check them out. 

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