Card Classes

Boxes, Bags and Tags class happening November 14th. Here's what we will be making.
First is a card with a gift card holder on the inside. Next three beside it are gift tags and the far right is a gift card or little treat holder made from a toilet paper roll.

A large window gift bag, Then a pop up gift card when the card opens. Two more gift tags and a card that looks like a present that holds another gift card.

Santa Clause in the Chimney small gift bag, Three flip gift tags, then two large gift tags and a mini Christmas gift basket.

Then Santa coming out of the chimney large gift box. 
I'm super excited about the class on Saturday and to show how to make all these great things. 

Class Cancelled November 2015- Sorry ladies 
Not feeling well at all.

Card kits are available for this cancelled class. Here's what you can make with the card kit.

Email me if you would like to buy this kit or already made Christmas cards. 
Card kit is $35.00 comes with everything you need to make these cards plus instructions on how to.
Or to buy cards they are $3.50 each or a box of 10 for $30.00 (comes with envelopes) 
Cards are available as a set or chose which ever 10(or more) you would like or 10 (or more) of one kind.
If you have any questions just let me know. 

This is for all the Card classes I am teaching or going to, it will showcase the finished products. Let me know if your interested in a kit of a particular group, I can put those together as well.
This is the First Christmas Card Class of 2015, there is another one coming up with more Christmas card ideas. And also a class of Boxes, Bags, Tags and more.

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