Photographs of Pets

 Pets are our one true companions. Loyal, cute, cuddly, they make us feel safe, someone to talk to who will listen and not judge, protective, entertaining, calm, unconditional love, Always eager to please, always happy to see you and always there when you need them, always on your side, keep us sane, and no matter how horrible your day has been they will always make you smile.

Please Welcome the newest member to our extended Family Leo- My Brother and his wife adopted him from the SPCA about three weeks ago now. He's so cute, pretty mellow for puppy. And enjoys sleeping, and playing with his sister Zoe and Bear as well.

Zoe and Leo

Bear watching the yard

TC or Chettos trying to fit in the new cat tree

Spending time with Bear and Miss Kitty

Bear and I going for a walk- love the crunching of the leaves under our feet.

Two new wonderful additions to the Pet page, here's more pictures of Belkie:
Info about Belkie can be found on the home page.

Enjoying a cookie.

And a few more of Bailey. 
Her first ride home

 A friend of our's got a new puppy right before Christmas, he is super cute. His name is Doug.

                                         Pets having a great time at Christmas.
                                         Bear and Zoe loving the smell of Turkey from the oven.
I couldn't believe how big "the dog's" stocking was. But this year he had to share with Zoe. 

Zoe opening up her and Bear's Christmas present. (she can smell treats though anything )
New toy for Bear!
If you sit to far back on your chair Miss Kitty will find a lap to snuggle up on. 
George LOVES Christmas, he loves the wrapping, loves boxes or anything that makes a noise, he has to be centre of attention. 
George chillin out under the tree to see what's left. 
Taking a rest from all the Christmas morning rush. 

Pictures of some of the new pet's we've met lately. 
Friends of ours have a cat named Lowkey :
And their dog named Thor:
Love them both. 
More pictures to come, but apparently their on another camera :)

Alma (just a puppy )
                                                                   Miss Kitty (prissy princess)
                                                                     Bear (my best friend)
                                                                   Zoe (awesome personality)
                                                                           TC (the Cat)


                                                                 Bear's Birthday

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