Projects on the go....

Recent projects that I have on the go are:
And a set from Simon Says Stamp called Trick or Treat

It's created for Halloween but I saw a video on how to use this little puppy a different way and look what can be done. 
He's so cute, and now he's wrapped up in Christmas lights. 

Playing with some new stamp sets from Mama Elephant:
I really love this set. I'm getting better at colouring the characters. And it's very versatile in what they can say. So many ways to use it.

This one was sent to my brother, but I'm pretty sure de doesn't even know I have a blog. I don't have to worry about this ruing the surprise in the mail. :)

Lots of different baby Cards.

Birthday boxes 

Punch art and Thank you Cards

I figured it's been about a year and a half since I've had to think about all the wedding hoopla that happened now I'm starting to think that maybe I'll attempt doing some of the albums, starting with the spa day and bridal shower photos. Here are my supplies I'm starting out with: 
It was a strawberry tea themed shower so I have great spring time butterfly paper I received from a friend for Christmas, and I've been collecting the strawberry ribbons, paper, ladybugs and strawberry shortcake stickers for quite some time now. Time to get started. Here is the album I've decided to use, hopefully not having to add to many more pages to it. 

 And here is the invitation we sent out to everyone. 
I find it easier when I have projects on the go, is to figure out each type and color of paper I want for each page that goes best with the pictures, put them in order, then go about cutting down and sometime using a picture mat(s) to add color, the glue down my pictures on the page and move on to the next page. Once I've completed all the pages for the book I go back and get really creative with stamps, emblishments and journalling. 
I've almost completed the positioning of all the pictures on the pages, so once that's done I'll take some more pics and then start the fun stuff. Then once it's finished I'll take some more pics to show you the finished album. Also Stampin up in their mini Spring/summer catalog have some cute metal tea charms that I might get to attach to the outside of the album. Page three in the mini if you haven't seen them yet. I thought they were so cute. 

Older posts:
So many things a projects I want to accomplish, and some of them with deadlines, just trying to find the time to finish them all.
Right now I'm waiting till Friday for my Stampin up products to arrive so I can finish two more card swaps I signed up for. Then the card swaps for now will all be complete. (well except for the Christmas ones) and that's not till October 1st.
Some of my major projects on the go right now are secret's (Christmas, birthday ...things I cannot mention depending on who's reading the blog) but eventually they will be posted.

1. I have an album of the year, so for every month i do a mini calender of the month and highlight one event or day that I thought was awesome and write about it and capture it with a picture. I wanted to highlight our first year of being married together. So far so good, I've been able to keep up with each month. 
                                                       April (Easter and Riley(my bro) Birthday)
                                                                  March (Chris' birthday)

 2. I'm slowly putting together a mini album of my family's memories of my Auntie Ila, her husband Uncle     Lloyd and the time we've all spent together. Ila's now living in a nursing home in Smithers B.C with dementia. And unfortuantly just over a month ago uncle Lloyd passed away. It's so precious to capture the memories of the people we love while there still with us. And to hold onto those memories and not forget them when they pass. 

3) I should be doing an album of my own wedding, but it just look's so daunting. To capture every moment and relive the entire day was fun but exhausting the first time. I just can't bring myself to challenge it yet. Don't get me wrong I have everything organized into two file drawers, and everything and anything that was kept are waiting for me. But for now I'm sticking with little projects. Like i just recently finished the Bridal shower bachelorette mini book.
                                                        Wedding  file drawer

4) I have about 10 secret projects on the go right now, two of them are in progress and one just about completed. Here's an incite to a few things I'm using.

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