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  • Scrapbooking- Capturing big and little moments in life and creating a masterpiece of memories.

Just some Albums I've completed, and some ideas and ways and tips on creating your perfect albums.

This is the mini album I made for my husband for Christmas, showing some of his memories of him and his sisters growing up on their Grandparents farm.

These are a couple of the albums I made or my friends and family for Christmas 2012:

                     This was for my friend Debbie, it's all the quilts she's made so far.
                                                    Here's a couple of pages inside the album

The next album I did for the Grandparents, just photos from the past year gone by.

Next album was made for my mother and father in-law's of one of their trips to Mexico. 

next project is actually creating a front and back cover for gifting our wedding video:
 I have a few more Christmas projects to show you, just forgot to take pictures of them. I'll have them up soon.

I did however finish two albums after Christmas for myself and my husband. I think I've mentioned before that I have this thing about not throwing away cards people have given us so I created two albums documenting all the engagement and wedding cards we received:

I documented who each card was from and whether a gift was given and what it was. 

I also just glued down the back side if the cards, so if I were to take the page out to look at it I could still open up the cards. 

I always hate to throw away cards people give me. I knew there had to be a way to preserve the cards from our wedding and Bridal shower to remember who was there and the wishes they sent. So I came up with this book, just a chipboard album I made myself with two binder rings holding everything together. (binder rings can be purchased at walmart or staples in a variety pack ) So I chose an appropriate size of paper that fit most of the cards and adhered them to the pages so I'm still able to open each individual card and then embellished around each card. This one is done of all the cards I received at my bridal shower.

I'm still currently working on the card album's (yes there's more then one) from the wedding. I will post a picture when I'm finished. For the wedding cards I used an actual binder ring album. So you will just have to wait and see.

This little suitcase album was so much fun to put together. Now that I've done one I've learned about easier ways to attach pictures and emblishments to each page. Poor Chris, I probably hounded him everyday, "don't forget to take lots of pictures" I was so impressed when he got home, I was able to fill a whole album making a total of 20 pages plus mini tags and pockets fitting more pictures.

Here are some great links, for making some really cool mini albums:

Here's a mini toilet paper album. Made yes from the empty rolls of toilet paper, flattened, covered in paper, embellished and each roll is it's own little pocket for a pull out tag or anything you want to put inside. I think this is one of the smallest album's I've ever made.

Altoid photo tinAltoid photo tin

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